Agricultural multi span plastic green house

Agricultural Multi Span Plastic Green House
  • Seller Chengdu Jiada Agricultural Science And Technology Development Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 1000 Square Meter/Square Meters agricultural multi-span green house
  • FOB Price US $1-30 /Square Meter

Item Details

Port: Guangzhou, Shanghai,Chongqing
Supply Ability: 50000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month agricultural multi-span green house
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

Product Description

Agricultural multi-span plastic green house

Product Description

1.The framework of Multi-span plastic film green house is hot galvanized steel tube, which has great anti-corrossion function and long lifespan in agricultural production.

2.The plastic film green house is the high efficient greenhouse used in modern agriculture, flower planting and poultry farm.

3.Plastic film has good light transmittance, weather-proof function and great heating preservation effect, and it is easy for move and installation.

4.We can design ventilation structure (side window or top window) accoding to clients need.

5.What's more, the client can choose other agricultural facilities, such as irrigation system, seedbed, heating system or sunshade system.

6.Plastic film greenhouse used for agricultural production can win high quality crops and high output.

Some standard size of plastic film greenhouse as follows:

Structural Material:

Hot galvanized steel framework has good anticorrosion and antirust effects, which can help extend the service life of the greenhouse. In general case, the hot galvanized steel structure can work over 10 years .The general steel pipe is ungalvanized, so it is cheap but easy rust at moist climate. Therefore, the hot galvanized steel framework is a better choice for clients.

Cover Materials

The main cover materials of film greenhouse are Polyethylene /PVC /EVA film.

1.Polyethylene film has strong chemical stability, so it has good tensile strength, which is convenient for installation. PE film is anti-corrosion material, so it is practical.

2.EVA film has good waterproof, anti-corrosion and save heat energy. it belongs to antibacterial, nontoxic and non pollution material.

3.PVC film has good heating preservation and high light transmittance, which are benefit for plants growth. That film is unacted on climate change. It is soft and easy for transportation and installation.

4.The plastic film also has the function of anti-aging, anti-fogging and ultraviolet-proof.

Other Parameter of Film Greenhouse:

Complementary Systems for Greenhouse:

Support system

1.Irrigation system: smart sprinkling irrigation system, drip system, fogirrigation technique can adjust humidity and temperature in time for agricultural production.

2.Ventilation system: transom window, side windows, fan and cooling pad, which can make the air circulation and reduce the high temperature.

3.Sunshade system: inside /outside shading net can prevent strong hard light, excessive ultraviolet ray and heat.

4.Seedbed: The movable and fixed seedbed can maximize use the greenhouse space, convenient for planting and high productive for crops.

5.Lighting system:filament lamps, sodium lamps, LED lamps, metal halide lamp, etc. They can provide persistent light in night for plants growth.

6.Intelligent control system: it can automatic monitor the weather condition and adjust humidity and temperature.

7.Heating system: hot-water heating equipment, warm-air heating facility , the coal heating and electric heating equipment. they can guarantee the temperature to fit for plants growth in winter or in cold area.

8.Soilless culture:high quality and high productivity, high utilization of space. it is good for growing green and organic vegetables and very convenient for management.

9. Hydroponic facilities: Stereo planting equipments of Multilayer seedbed can most utilize greenhouse space, so it can improve planting effeciency and get great quality.

All the complementary system are free to add according to your need.

Product Show


1. The plastic film greenhouse is cheap, so it is very economical for client to plant crops .

2. Plastic film can keep warm and has good light transmittance. Film greenhouse is the cheapest greenhouse in agricultural production.

3. The clients can utilize the space and not influenced by climate change, so they can make diversified production to win high profit.

4. Plastic has firm steel structure and great ability to resist wind and snow.

5. It is convenient for mechanized operation and intelligent management.

6. We are professional greenhouse manufacturer, and we have own processing workshop and advanced equipment to make good quality production.


1. Plastic film greenhouse is suitable for professional breeding industry, sightseeing greenhouse, farm tourism or other commercial purpose.

2. Polycarbonate greenhouse can be used in modern agriculture, soilless culture, stereoscopic agriculture, large farms, professional flower planting and hight effecient crops.(organic vegetables, tomato, cucumber, strawberry, melon and fruits, rose, lily,pot culture).

3. Film greenhouse also can used for poultry farm and aquaculture, as chicken, duck, rabbit, fish, shrimp; etc.

Our Services

1.Professional design team: professional professor and veteran technicists in charge of design, research and development. Our design and drawing of greenhouse are made by local climate and geographical condition.

2.Quality guarantee: we have strict quality control, advanced equipment and mature technology to make high quality productions. Our products meets the national standard, and be severely inspected before shipments. 24h online service, if u have any consultion and question, please contact us freely; 2. We offer aftersale service freely, if any problem happens during guarantee period, we will be responsible of products.

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