Arch Pipes Plastic Film Agricultural Greenhouse

Arch Pipes Plastic Film Agricultural Greenhouse
  • Seller Weifang Sainpoly Greenhouse Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 1000 Square Meter/Square Meters greenhouse construction area
  • FOB Price US $14-45 /Square Meter

Item Details

Port: Qingdao
Supply Ability: 5000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month
Payment Terms: T/T

Product Description

Product Description

The Arch Pipe Plastic-film Multi-span Agricultural Greenhouse, cost-saving and convenient to use, is a kind of equipment for cultivation or breeding that is constructed simply. The greenhouse has great space-efficient performance and strong ventilation ability, also preventing the heat loss and the intrusion of cold air. It can be used for the seed-breeding or planting of dwarf fruit tree and for aquaculture and live-stock breeding as well as for exhibition, ecological restaurant and teaching or scientific research, etc. The plastic-film greenhouse can also be specially used for growing fruits, flowers and vegetables, providing them with the most suitable conditions and protecting them from insects and cold.

Please let me know the following information about the greenhouse construction:

(1) the span number of the greenhouse, single span or multi span?

(2) the greenhouse sizes (length, width, height) or greenhouse available construction area (sq m)?

(3) the local climate conditions in the construction area of the greenhouse?

(4) What plant would you like to grow in the greenhouse?

You can refer to the following pictures and words to know about the greenhouse related systems and materials:

(1) Greenhouse Frame

The greenhouse frame of the plastic-film multi-span greenhouse is featured by roof arch pipes, square-tube posts and connecting gutters as well as related connectors that are all made by galvanized steel maerials. (welding or not welding). The greenhouse was fastened on the ground by the riveted concrete foundation.

(2) Greenhouse covering plastic materials

In our company, we use the clear PE film as the covering material. Normally, we use the film of thickness of 0.15mm or 0.2mm. If you want to keep warm, it is possible to cover the greenhouse with the film of 2 or 3 layers. It is chemically stable, heat-resisting, anti-freezing and water-proof or moisture-proof.

(3) Greenhouse Cooling System

About the greenhouse cooling system, our company is specialized at the products of Cooling Pads and Fans, usually used cooperatively. The Cooling Pad is installed on one side wall of the greenhouse, the Exhaust Fan the opposite. ( The Air Circulation Fan is installed under the roof of greenhouse.) The Exhaust Fan ejects the air from the inside of the greenhouse, (and the Air Circulation Fan promotes the circulation of the air in the greenhouse), negative pressure formed in the greenhouse. The cooling water flows through the Cooling Pad with the help of the water-recycling facilities. The air enters the greenhouse through the Cooling Pad, resulting in the effects of cooling, moistening and air-circulating. The temperature can be cooled down about 10 degrees defined by the temperature of the cooling water and the sizes of cooling pad and exhaust fan.

(4) Greenhouse Ventilation System

The greenhouse ventilation system for the arch pipe plastic film greenhouse can be used on the side and / or roof of the muti-span greenhoiuse or tunnel greenhouse, suitable for the arch pipe roof. The can be controlled by the film reeler manually or electrically. The ventilation is realized by the film rolling up and down.

(5) Greenhouse Shading System

The greenhouse shading system is installed above the greenhouse and / or the below the inside roof of the greenhouse. They have the same working principle, except for the outside shading system is supported by the post above the greenhouse and the shading net. The inside shading net is the aluminum-foil material and the outside shading net is black round-wire material. The system includes A type and B type. But normally, we use the A type, because it is common and stable. It is controlled by the gear motor and rack-pinion structure electrically. One set of the system can cover the greenhouse of 2000-3000 square meters decided by the power of the gear motor (0.55kw or 0.75kw).

(6) Insect-proof Net

The insect-proof net, usually installed on the plastic film greenhouse, is used to prevent the insect from inside the greenhouse or protect the plants from being hurt by the insects. The result of preventing the insects is defined by the "mesh", which is the number of holes in every square inch. Normally, we use the 40-mesh net.

(7) Automatic Control System

The Autamatic Control System is electric and automatic, able to measure some environmental factors in the greenhouse such as the direction and speed of wind, temperature and humidity of air or soil. air pressure, rainfall, solar radiant quantity and ultraviolet intensity,etc. It can control the facilities of shading system, window ventilation system, pad and fan cooling system, illumination supplement, irrigation and fertilization, etc., thus adjusting the inner environment of greenhouse to the most suitable conditions.

(8) Other related Systems and Materials

There are many other systems or materials we can supply for the arch pipe plastic film greenhouse, such as LED lights, greenhouse seed bench, irrigation system, hydroponic system, etc., to make sure the plants grow better and make rich yeild.

Our Services

We can offer the CAD Drawings and Material Lists to help the greenhouse installation and construction after you have decided a greenhouse projects. Here is a front view of the greenhouse of a arch pipe greenhouse (10 spans ).

(2) We have the alibaba logistic services to make sure you can get the materials.

(3) We can supply the samples to make sure whether they are workable or not for you.

Company Information

Weifang Sainpoly Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the Huanglou Town, Weifang City, which is hailed as “the Most Important Town for Flowers in Northern China”. We are majoring on the greenhouse materials manufacture, sales and technical services. We are engaging in the advanced greenhouse projects and designing. We are also a professional greenhouse supplier in providing all kinds of systems and their materials. More and more companies have built up cooperation with our company based on the advantages of the quality and price of our products.

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